If you think you may have a problem

You may be confused about your circumstances and not know where to turn.  You may wonder if you are really an addict or be unsure if NA can  help you.  Most of us felt the same way when we first found our way to Narcotics Anonymous. 

NA is free and available to anyone who thinks they may have a problem.  You don't have to be clean to attend our meetings, although we find our program works better for people who abstain from drugs. Our program works for addicts no matter what type of substance they used, the length of time they used, or how much they used.  Addiction is a disease which affects our feelings and perceptions and is pervasive in many areas of our lives.  We have found it is best to identify at the level of feelings and emotions rather than the superficial level of substances.  

We encourage you to review some of our other resources to find out more. All of our literature was written by addicts for addicts and some of us have found a fresh perspective from hearing from other addicts.   If you think you may be an addict, or identify with things you read, we we welcome you to try a few meetings to see if NA is right for you. 

Our friends and family

If a member of your family, your spouse, or your friends has told you they think you may need NA, you may feel defensive, hurt or alone. Some of us felt relieved when a close friend reached out to tell us they thought we needed help, but often times we have lived the majority of our lives using others and allowing others to use us.  We may not know how to take their input and want to shut down. 

It is important to remember even well meaning people may not quite know what to do to help us when they think we are having problems.  Often times people who care about us can see parts of ourselves we may not be able to easily see.  Regardless of what other's say, we have found we are the only ones who can determine we are addicts. No one else can make this determination for us, because we are the only ones who can really feel the isolation, loneliness, and despair of addiction. 

Many of us came to NA to appease another person for a while.  We have found the program still works no matter how we came to it.  If you look through our site and feel you can identify, we ask you to come to our meetings to see if NA is right for you. 


Some of us had consiquences

If you have found us through courts or medical professionals you may be hearing a lot of conflicting information.  While we have no opinion on these issues, many of us we  been where you are and have found a way out. We have found  freedom through the 12 steps of recovery. All of the resources you find here were written by other recovering addicts!  If you can identify we encourage you to attend a few meetings to find out more.